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The HUBBLICK team have used their 25 years of knowledge and experience to put together a lick for horses, which contains the different components for a horses health and well being. Horses will regulate their intake as it is a proper mineral lick, unlike the sugar and mollasses things which are available.

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LOW IN SUGAR - As we know there is plenty of sugar in the rest of the horses diet the last thing they need is a lot of sugar in there lick.

700 g Mint Lick

HIGH LEVELS OF MINERALS - Calcium and Phosforus for good bone structure and development. Salt for bodily functions. Magnesium is used for its calming benefits.


A comprehensive range of vitamins which will match any proprietry vitamins which are for sale and will save you money.

5kg Garlic Lick

HIGH LEVELS OF TRACE ELEMENTS - Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt,Iiodine, and Manganese.


All very important for your horses metabolism, good healthy skin, muscle tone , hoof Condition and many more health aspects.

There is no Copper so you can feed our licks if you have sheep in the same field, as many of you do.

A Healthy Horse

MIXES OF HERBS AND SPICES - We use fenugreek, Mint, Garlic, Comfrey, Aniseed, Liquorice, Vervain, Chamomile, Echinacea, Valerian, in the various licks for different beneficial aspects.

10 kg Respiratory lick


WEATHERPROOF - We have called on our vast experience at lick making to make our lick weatherproof so that you do not waste anything even after heavy rain.

SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF HORSES- All types of horses are enjoying and benefitting from our range of licks.

Garlic licksCalm licksMint licksRespiratory Licks

AVAILABLE IN FOUR VARIETIES- at present we have four varieties of licks in three sizes. You can see the four varieties with all there detail on the next page.

All of our licks contain the same mineral, vitamin, trace element package.

We now have over 500 stockists in England, so there should be one near you.

But please feel free to contact us at:- herbalequine@hotmail.co.uk

Anyone interested in stocking HUBBLICKS please contact us.

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